Craig Hella Johnson
July 2021

Dublin & Belfast Choir Festival 2021 with Craig Hella Johnson

Dublin & Belfast choir Festival 2021 with Craig Hella Johnson

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Inviting you and your singers to Ireland

After great festivals in Spain, Italy and Australia with our friends at KIconcerts we are headed to Ireland in early July 2021. While not hunting for 4 leaf clovers and dodging leprechauns, we will sing - together as well as individually for those choirs that wish to do so.

As a festival choir we will sing with the power, passion and spectacle that a combined choir can provide. Once again I will plan a program that will be a diverse collection of pieces and one that will be well suited to the participating singers. It is always one of my favorite parts of this process-- shaping a program that fits the time, location and context and the various strengths and interests of the participating ensembles.

Ireland has it’s own whimsy, proud history, language, choral traditions, stories and warmth. Our festival will radiate this and more as we unite in one voice lovingly to do our part in uniting humanity and people of goodwill everywhere!

We welcome you

Craig Hella Johnson
Artistic Director & Conductor