Simon Carrington
New Year 2016

Greece 2016 with Simon Carrington

'Sing in the New Year' Greece Choir Festival

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With inspiration from Delphi, and under the warm winter shadows of the Acropolis, let’s join together in Athens to sing in the New Year.

For so many of us, Greece and especially Athens, inspires images of antiquity, poetry, philosophy, culture, food and a Mediterranean energy unique to this ancient land. Less well known is the Greek love of music, this matches their embrace of the world making Athens the perfect location for our New Year international festival.

Traveling in the week just after Christmas and across the New Year (December 27 2015 to January 3 2016) opens up special opportunities for singers. We have selected one of the warmest locations in Europe to escape the harsher North American winter and will perform at a holiday time when audiences are plentiful and venues welcoming.

We will tour the Acropolis, visiting the breathtaking new Museum, have a day on the Greek Islands, immerse ourselves in the rhythms of Plaka and tour the other remarkable features of Athens as well as visit Delphi. In between we will rehearse 30 minutes of combined repertoire and perform as individual choirs (for those who wish it) exchanging with local Greek performers before bringing this all together in a splendid gala festival concert.

I’d love to host you in Greece at the end of next year.

- Simon Carrington

December 2015/January 2016 | Athens | Individual & Festival Concerts