Leck & Thomas
July 2021

Vancouver Choir Festival 2021 with Henry Leck and André J. Thomas

Vancouver Choir Festival 2021 with Henry Leck & André J. Thomas

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Sing with us in Vancouver

I am extremely excited to be able to invite you and your choristers to the 2021 Vancouver Choir Festival. This festival will be exceptionally exciting because I will be co-conducting with my dear friend Andre Thomas!!! To say that Dr. Thomas is an icon in the choral field is an understatement. Your students will love working with him.

This festival will give us the opportunity to combine forces, building a festival choir over the 3 days that will excite your singers, thrill an audience, reinforce that which you have been teaching and be an artistic pinnacle experience. One of the many great things about a festival of this kind, is that you don’t need bring a full ensemble to have a powerful and transformative musical experience. If you do bring a complete ensemble, we will also feature you in your own right in the first half of the gala concert program and KIconcerts will offer other individual concert opportunities.

We will rehearse the SATB and Treble choirs simultaneously and then present both in the gala concert before joining all together for the combined finale. All singers will have the opportunity to work with each of us.

Canada is a safe and easy destination - familiar and distinctive - international while being close by. Vancouver is a coastal, cosmopolitan and cultured city that welcomes our festival, the concerts and our collective talent.

Join us in one voice for this great choral adventure.

Henry Leck with André Thomas
Co-Artistic Directors