Instrumental Destination Tours

International Choral and Instrumental Concert Tours

Exposing our performers to breath-taking experiences is just the start. With over 40 years of experience, KI Concerts tours are just that – customized around the individual needs of every choral and instrumental ensemble. You choose the time of year, the duration, the pacing, the balance of musical experiences and touring, the mix of iconic and intimate venues, exchange concerts and stand alone, accompanied or not, workshops and as appropriate, VIP access.


We differentiate your experience by staging ensembles at extraordinary venues like St Peter’s Basilica, Notre Dame Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Beijing’s Forbidden City Concert Hall, the Berlin Dome, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Sagrada Familia and the Sydney Opera House WHILE ADDITIONALLY delivering with our partners authentic and memorable experiences with exchange concerts in smaller towns, suburbs and communities.

When you have a moment to catch your breath from the magnificent performances, we ensure your experiences remain at the highest levels—underpinned by great guides, the best buses, most appropriate hotels, terrific eating experiences and informative sightseeing.