Athens Choir Festival with Kevin Meidl

Athens Choir Festival - Spring 2022

with Kevin Meidl

Tour Dates: April, 2022

Explore the Acropolis, tour the Areopagus, and visit the Parthenon. Share the Power of Music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert with Kevin Meidl, and other ensembles from around the United States and Greece.

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Dear Friends

Be part of something remarkable in one of the most historic sites of the Western world…ATHENS! Exceptional choirs from America and Greece will join their voices as Sanctum Sabbati, the Greek Holy Week approaches.

Sing in beautiful venues in the shadow of the Areopagus where St. Paul gave his powerful sermon. Perform your repertoire for appreciative audiences while uniting choirs for a grand finale experience like no other. This very special festival is sure to leave a life-enhancing impression on both your singers and their audience.

Imagine…fantastic venues with enthusiastic audiences, great choirs from two continents, renowned Greek hospitality, all in the cradle of civilization.

Join me in Athens during America’s Holy Week 2022.

Kevin Meidl

Artistic Director

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