Dublin & Belfast Choir Festival with John Dickson

2022 Dublin & Belfast Dickson Choral Festival


Tour Dates: June, 2022

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My dear Colleagues,

I can think of no other single experience that can shape the lives of people more than travel. The world has indeed become a smaller place to live, and recently more isolated, yet to offer your singers an “in-person” experience of Ireland is to invite them into the culture of a people who have come through the challenges of scarcity, sacrifice, and suffering. This history infuses their culture, music and spirit of whimsy which we will be immersed in during our travels there. The virtual culture of our times often reduces the world to simply pictures on screens. I invite you to join me for more than a travel experience. Come and let us declare a calling of “Just Cause” in a place where the echoes of history can indeed also help us Listen.

The global crisis of today is a cry for Respect. It is a call for each of us to reach beyond our small, cocooned and comfortable worlds, to see, hear, and listen to those who have known no privilege, no promise and no power. Ours is a time of action, but action in which we are only engaged after deep and careful listening. We are the fields of promise; the privileged seeds who hold the possibilities for change.

As singers we combine, multiplying in strength, to call out injustice, to unite audiences in common understanding and to move people to action. To this end, I invite you to gather in Ireland to sing our Just Cause!

John Dickson,

Artistic Director

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