Ireland Choir Festival with Rollo Dilworth

2023 Ireland Choral Festival


Tour Dates: June 30th – July 7th

Tour St. Patrick’s Cathedral, explore the seaside town of Howth, and discover the magic of Ireland. Share the power of music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert with Rollo Dilworth and other ensembles across the United States.

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Dear Friends,

I’ve decided on Ireland as the location for our 2023 KI Concerts festival as singing is so enjoyed there. It is a great destination for historical and cultural immersion and the special Irish charm. There are options to experience the towns of Ireland with some choirs traveling to the West while others might choose to head North to Belfast. Wherever you travel in Ireland it is welcoming, comfortable and safe.

Our festival will take place in Dublin where we will have two combined rehearsals followed by the Gala Concert (also featuring participating choirs performing individually in the first part of the program). The rest of the time you’ll be touring on your own, enjoying sightseeing at your own speed and following your own interests. There is also an invitation for choirs to stage additional individual concerts in Dublin and other parts of Ireland.

I have worked with the folks at KI Concerts for over a decade now and they deliver outstanding experiences for your singers. They support me on the creative side to provide you the life changing musical opportunities your singers are traveling for. It is appreciated that KI builds the touring elements around the music not the other way around.

Together we offer to customize a unique set of opportunities tailor-made to your needs and that of your singing community. Join me in looking for a four leaf clover or even a leprechaun in friendly Ireland.

Rollo Dilworth

Artistic Director & Conductor

Destination Ireland

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