Hawaii Choral Festival with Pearl Shangkuan

Luau of Song Hawaii Choral Festival


Tour Dates: June 24 – 29, 2023

Be immersed in Pacific Island culture, enjoy spectacular views from Diamond Head, and explore the beaches of Hawaii. Share the power of music while performing a gala concert led by Pearl Shangkuan.

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Aloha, friends!

I warmly invite you to join me at the “Luau of Song” Hawaii festival in June 2023 – an ideal domestic destination with an international feel! Geared towards treble and SATB singers, the repertoire will celebrate the different cultures that shape Hawaii. In addition to creating great music together, we will also immerse ourselves in its wonderful culture through learning its history, feasting in a luau, experiencing hula dance and exploring its many incredible sights with local experts! I hope to host you in this celebratory festival, sharing and creating with your singers a lifelong memory of the joy of music making on this paradise island!

Pearl Shangkuan

Artistic Director & Conductor

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