Italy Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova

Passion of Italy Rome Choir Festival 2021

with Elena Sharkova

Tour Dates: June 22nd – 28th

Explore Vatican City, tour the Roman Forum, and discover Rome’s historic city center. Share the Power of Music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert with Elena Sharkova and other ensembles from both Italy and the States.

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Directors, singers, friends

I love performing and touring Italy very much. So I am happy to present you with a wonderful option to sing in Rome with other choirs in a Gala Concert as well as individually in Rome and also in Tuscany/Florence and even Venice for those who want to.

When I took my choir there last I saw the pure joy on my singers faces as they experienced sensational acoustics, venues thousands of years old, warm and enthusiastic exchange ensembles as well as audiences. Together with KI Concerts, we planned touring experiences in Venice (even getting our students in gondoliers to sightsee the canals), performed in a perfect town church setting outside of Florence for a standing room only audience and had members of the audience weeping for joy before arriving in Rome to tour some of the greatest architecture on earth, while being enthralled by the Eternal City.

I look forward to talking with you about the repertoire that would most suit the mix of singers and spaces we will have the honor to sing in and I know our friends at KI will be happy to individualize your tour to match the interests of your singers, families and friends.

Come with us and add your voices to the endless echoes that call to us from this cradle of civilization

Elena Sharkova

Artistic Director & Conductor

Destination Italy

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