Italy Choir Festival with Dominick DiOrio

Passion of Italy Rome Choir Festival 2023


Tour Dates: June 9th – 15th, 2023

Explore Vatican City, tour the Roman Forum, and discover Rome’s historic city center. Perform the world premiere of a piece composed by Dominick DiOrio. Share the power of music while performing in a gala concert led by Dominick DiOrio.

Just Announced!: Renowned writer, educator, and arts advocate, Jacqueline Goldfinger has been commissioned to write the text for the World Premier piece Dominick DiOrio is composing for participating choruses to be performed at the festival!

To read Jacqueline’s full bio, click here.

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Dear Friends,

I want to invite you to look into the future with me, beyond our current moment, and into a world reborn.

Known as ‘The Eternal City,’ Rome has survived much adversity in its history, and when this pandemic subsides, it will welcome us once again. By the Summer of 2023, we trust that travel will be back to normal and we will be able to experience this magical city together, sharing the unique power of music to help us heal and move our singers and those who hear us. We will sing safely and with passion, our voices blending with all those who have sung in these ancient halls before, now in the spirit of regeneration for our world.

I am delighted to join KI Concerts again on an international stage to lead the 2023 Passion of Italy Choir Festival. I am especially delighted to write a newly composed piece for all of the choirs participating, and that we will unite as one choir to sing the world premiere at our Gala concert. We will also sing other extraordinary works by living composers, evocative in their expression and immediate in their communication. It will be a program to meet this moment, as we respond with gratitude for the joy we will feel in singing together once again.

Rome is a city of astounding variety, a city of ancient venues with resounding acoustical spaces, and a city of musical richness with warm and enthusiastic audiences. As always, there will be many opportunities for individual choral performances and local exchanges. And when not making music, you can take in all that Rome has to offer: cuisine, art, history, and culture.

So let’s look toward this future, a future when singing together will be possible again. Let’s dream together, as we create and imagine a beautiful experience for you and your singers at the 2023 Passion of Italy Festival. 

I hope you will join me.

Dominick DiOrio
Artistic Director & Conductor

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