Lisbon Choir Festival with Rollo Dilworth

2022 Lisbon Dilworth Choral Festival


Tour Dates: June/July 2022

Explore the Alfama district, tour the San Jeronimo Monastery, and visit Belém Tower. Share the Power of Music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert Rollo Dilworth, and other ensembles from around the United States.

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Sample Itineraries

Lisbon Festival + Porto
Seville & Algarve + Lisbon Festival

Dear Friends,

I would be honored if you’d consider joining me in Lisbon.

As Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon is the perfect setting for my 2022 SATB choir festival in collaboration with KI Concerts.

Lisbon’s rich heritage and incredible venues offer unparalleled opportunities for musical growth and regeneration as we come together once again in performance. We will join for combined rehearsals leading up to our Gala Concert while individual ensembles will have other optional concert opportunities.

I have worked with the folks at KI Concerts for over a decade now and know their capacity for delivering outstanding experiences, built around life-changing musical opportunities for your singers. Through 2020 they have demonstrated again their commitment to being true partners with directors planning travel and I know that they will work to create safe environments for us to tour, rehearse and perform in this new world.

Tudo de bom!

Rollo Dilworth

Artistic Director & Conductor

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