London Choir Festival with Kyle Fleming

2022 London Fleming Choral Festival

Raise Our Voices Festival with Kyle Fleming

Tour Dates: June 2022

See the changing of the guard, tour the Tower of London, and experience history come alive in London. Share the Power of Music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert with Dr. Kyle Fleming and other ensembles from the United States.

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Kindred Spirits and Lovers of Choral Singing,

We walk together through incredibly difficult times during which we find ourselves rethinking and reprioritizing many aspects of our shared profession and calling. However, as I scan the choral universe via social media, zoom calls and written commentaries what is crystal clear is that choral singing will survive. Choir will go on partly because of creative and dedicated choral leaders and educators like you. It will continue because of the indelible spirits that lie at the heart of our choral ensembles and the inextinguishable passion in our student leaders. Most importantly, choral singing will continue because we know this to be undeniably true: music and singing are an intrinsic part of what it means to be human.

With this in mind, let’s look ahead with zeal and expectancy as we make plans to raise our voices together in London. Yes, many more months of uncertainty lie ahead between now and June 2022, but I believe the journey ahead will only make our gathering more true, more hope-filled, more resolved and more meaningful. When we finally take the stage together in London, I believe the song we will raise will be one filled with profound gratitude and enduring love.

We are fortunate to be collaborating with our friends at KI Concerts. Through our conversations navigating these historic times they have been sensitive, responsive and empathetic. I trust them implicitly to help guide us forward towards London and, for those who chose the options, on extensions throughout the United Kingdom or Ireland.

As we unite to renew our programs in the Colorado region please know I plan for an opportunity to Raise Our Voices together in Denver to perform our festival music for a local audience prior to traveling to London.

Grateful thanks for your kind consideration.

Much love and hope,

Dr. Kyle Fleming
Artistic Director & Conductor

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