London Choir Festival with Kyle Fleming

London Choir Festival 2021

with Kyle Fleming

Tour Dates: June 5th – 10th

See the changing of the guard, tour the Tower of London, and experience history come alive in London. Share the Power of Music with the opportunity to rehearse and perform a gala concert with Dr. Kyle Fleming and other ensembles from the United States.

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Kindred Spirits and Lovers of Choral Singing,

Nearly two decades ago I was lucky enough to participate in a choir tour to London. The sights and sounds of that magical trip are as vivid today as they were then. I am honored and excited to return to this special city in 2021 with new friends and colleagues.

As we lay the framework for this choir festival I am reminded about the power of an international choir tour. Yes, our travels will take us to marvelous destinations as we trace history and explore treasured places. However, our time abroad will hold much more than can be laid out in an itinerary, for as we sing and journey together we will be transformed…moved and changed through the power of music. Each day will hold experiences that will last a lifetime and at the heart of each memory will be the faces of kindred spirits and the sounds of a song shared.

We are fortunate to be collaborating with our friends at KI Concerts. They have established a well-earned reputation for crafting marvelous and thoughtful choir tours that are executed with great care and professionalism. Choirs in the Colorado region may have the opportunity to perform our festival piece in Denver prior to our travels to London.

Optional extensions are available throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Grateful thanks for your kind consideration. I look forward to dreaming and planning together!

Dr. Kyle Fleming

Artistic Director & Conductor

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