Rome Band Festival with Frank Ticheli

Viva Italia Rome Band Festival


Tour Dates: June 24th – 29th, 2023

Experience the “Eternal City” – tour the Roman Forum and the magnificent Colosseum. Discover Rome’s historic city center while sharing the power of music and performing in a gala concert led by world-renowned conductor Frank Ticheli.


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Dear Friends,

Italy is a special and profoundly beautiful country, the cradle of so much of our culture, and a place where music is upheld as one of the greatest joys in life. I invite you to join me in Rome for a band festival in early summer of 2023, expressly conceived as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Italy as we all renew our spirits in a post pandemic age. This unique land, and these unprecedented times, call for the power of music.

I recall with great joy our last combined festival concert in Rome some years ago when we performed Vesuvius to a standing room only audience in a truly electrifying atmosphere. I can only imagine what emotion will surround our 2023 combined finale piece. When we’re not making music, there will be an abundance of time for life changing cultural immersion, touring, and simply soaking up the wonderfully joyous Italian lifestyle.

I am delighted to partner again with my dear friends at KI Concerts to lead this festival tour to Rome. Almost nothing matches the joy of taking your band abroad to perform in stunning international venues for hugely appreciative audiences. At this time, as never before, we need to be planning for epic opportunities as we renew and reinvigorate. KI will make it possible for us to once again safely unite to experience the power of live music overseas.

I want to share this rare experience with as many of you as possible

Tanti abbracci,

Dr. Frank Ticheli
Artistic Director & Conductor

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