Sing Austria Choir Festival with Elena Sharkova & Henry Leck

Sing Austria Choir Festival 2020

with Elena Sharkova & Henry Leck

Tour Dates: June 21st – 27th

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Dear Choir Directors

One of my favorite places to have gone with my choirs on tour has been Austria. I love the musical heritage and tradition. The scenery, the food, the people, the music… so great! So it is with extreme pleasure that we announce a KI Festival in 2020 in Vienna with possible extensions to other European destinations.

To make this even more exciting, I get to co-conduct with my buddy Elena Sharkova!! If any of you have worked with her, you know she is not only a consummate musician, but she also is a bundle of passion, energy, and has a great love of life!!

We would like to invite you to bring your choir to Austria with us in June of 2020. We are so excited to collaborate, knowing that this mix of singing, culture and historical experience will offer your singers a rich and diverse festival.

There will be options for you to perform in your own right in Salzburg and Vienna as well as in Budapest or Prague if you take up one of the extensions offerings. In Vienna we will combine as a festival choir to rehearse literature which will include American choral music and the music of Vienna, presented in one of Vienna’s grand venues in front of an enthusiastic audience.

We both know that touring is something special for your community of singers. The intensity of being on tour changes the way a choir sings and enriches their perspective of the world. But perhaps best of all, touring builds camaraderie, support for the program and a life changing experience.

KIconcerts will ensure that they create a tour that reflects your specific interests and pacing. We join together for the rehearsals and the gala concert, and then you travel on your own tour and concert itinerary.

We hope you will join us in Austria to create a truly magical experience for your choristers, accompanying travelers and audiences alike.

With a passion for singing,

Elena Sharkova & Henry Leck

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