Vienna Galván Choral Festival

2021/2022 Vienna Galván Choral Festival


Tour Dates: December 26th, 2021 – January 1st, 2022

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Dear Friends

While it might be hard to imagine travel at this time, celebrating the dawn of 2022 is going to be so significant as we put another year between us and COVID-19. A New Year allows us to set free new dreams, new spirit and new singing. This is the essence of our Vienna New Year Festival.

We will depart the USA after Christmas 2021 and rehearse together for a gala concert at the magnificent Votivkirche (tbd) and a New Year’s Eve recital at Vienna’s breathtaking St. Stephen’s Cathedral (tbd) in addition to individual concerts for choirs that request them.

Austria echoes with the sounds of some of the greatest music ever composed and performed – we will add to this with the passion of our time, the talent of our singing, and the strength that comes from combining our voices in this unique way after being unable to do so for so long. Vienna is the grand cultural capital of Europe offering magnificent sights and sounds that provide a peak experience for your singers through the touring KI includes and the engagement only cultural immersion of this kind can provide. I have been completely impressed by and grateful for the thoughtful, considerate, and efficient service provided by KI Concerts.

Vienna at New Year’s is awe-inspiring – still alive with the Christmas Markets – it is fireworks, operas, concerts, and even a waltz. Being together with new and old friends in Austria will be a special way for us to welcome 2022 and strengthen our return to the simple but profound joys and magic of singing together. I hope you will consider joining me on this wonderful tour.

With warm wishes and hope

Janet Galván

Artistic Director

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