Choral Festival Tours

Perform with World-Renowned Choral Festival Directors Around the World

Performing with the world’s best is just the beginning of our choral festivals.  With over 40 years of experience, KI Concerts has facilitated Festival experiences in hundreds of breathtaking venues and inspired thousands of performers.  We have worked with the best composers, listened as voices fill world famous venues, arranged accompanists and orchestras, filled countless venues and simplified group movements to make sure that our directors and performers focus on the life-changing moments in front of them.


We love exploring your unique aspirations and leveraging our experience to provide ideal travel arrangements for each individual singing community.  Our festival performances supply you the right venues, instrumental accompaniment, warm audiences, and VIP access that provides awe-inspiring experiences.

When you have a moment to catch your breath from the magnificent performances, we ensure your experiences remain at the highest levels—underpinned by great guides, the best buses, most appropriate hotels, terrific eating experiences and informative sightseeing.