Here is how our 2022 choir festivals created collaboration and connection this past summer in London, Prague, and Dublin.

Choir Festivals Like No Other  

International festivals are especially unique because there is so much to explore as an ensemble. Working with a new conductor and other choirs brings your ensemble to new heights. Our choir festivals are led by renowned directors who offer innovative approaches to performing and working as a group. On equal footing, every choir is learning and growing together as one. The world of choir becomes bigger with every connection you make abroad. Making these unique bonds with other choirs is an exceptional way to grow your ensemble’s artistic reach.

Highlights from KI’s 2022 Choir Festivals


2022 London Fleming Rehearsal
The Kyle Fleming Festival Ensembles Rehearsing for their Concert!

In June, London welcomed the Dr. Kyle Fleming Choir Festival. Fleming is currently based in the Denver, Colorado area and is the Director of Choral Activities at Regis University. Many ensembles are excited about performing again after the pandemic, and Fleming was just as excited for this opportunity, “Most importantly, choral singing will continue because we know this to be undeniably true: music and singing are an intrinsic part of what it means to be human. With this in mind, let’s look ahead with zeal and expectancy as we make plans to raise our voices together in London.” As an artistic director, Fleming understood how important group music is to the human experience and how essential it is for ensembles to perform together.

The ensembles in London performed with an exchange choir in the beautiful St James Church in Piccadilly Circus. Performers enjoyed tours around London, visiting sites like Big Ben, the Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.


One of our most recent choir festivals in July was with renowned Director Dr. Rollo Dilworth in Prague. As associate professor of choral music education at Temple University, Dilworth has directed various choirs throughout his career. Dr. Dilworth works to incorporate a culturally immersive experience in his festivals.

The Rollo Dilworth Choir Festival Performs at Dvořák Hall
The Rollo Dilworth Choir Festival Performs at Dvořák Hall

At the beautiful Dvořák Hall in Prague, Dilworth excelled in giving the citizens of Prague a choir festival performance like nothing else, choosing a repertoire best suited for all groups participating. Working with a total of five different ensembles, Dilworth directed the New York City Children’s Chorus, Florida Singing Sons, Princeton Boychoir, Children’s Chorus of Washington, and the Peninsula Music Arts Association. Coming from all over the country, these ensembles performed together as if they had been one group all along.

The performers toured around Prague, getting to see the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle. Additionally, the New York City Children’s Chorus performed an individual concert at the historic St Nicholas’ Church Old Town.


Craig Hella Johnson delivered a beautiful festival in Dublin. The founding director of the Grammy winning group Conspirare, Johnson has conducted and directed ensembles for over 20 years.

Working with seven different ensembles, the audience at St. Patrick’s Cathedral received a powerful performance. According to Craig Hella Johnson, “Ireland has its own whimsy, proud history, language, choral traditions, stories and warmth. Our festival will radiate this and more as we unite in one voice lovingly to do our part in uniting humanity and people of goodwill everywhere!” Johnson’s repertoire made for two unforgettable gala concerts that connected the ensembles and the people of Ireland.

The Craig Hella Johnson Choir Festival Performance at St. Patrick's Cathedral
The Craig Hella Johnson Choir Festival Performance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The ensembles performed in the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the oldest Christian site in Dublin. Their second gala concert was hosted in Ulster Hall in Belfast. Performers also enjoyed dinner with live Irish music, saw the seaside town of Howth, and even visited the ‘Garden of Ireland’ in Wicklow County.

Choir festivals are great experiences for any ensemble, as they bring the world of music together in one room. With an exceptional artistic director and conductor, you can experience the joy of what it means to perform and create music with others.


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