Whether you’re looking for a remarkable place to visit or an extraordinary performance venue, there are several locations in central Europe that will make your tour unique. In Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, there are places off the beaten path that are just as beautiful as the more famous spots.

St. Thomas Church, Leipzig


Leipzig is a large city in Germany that surprisingly flied under the radar. Its one of the few cities that has kept its original architecture after World War II. As the home of Europe’s oldest opera house and many museums and galleries, this city is a fantastic choice for performance tours. A special venue to see is St. Thomas Church, home to one of the oldest choirs in the world, the St. Thomas Choir. Johann Sebastian Bach was the choir’s cantor from 1723-1750!

If you want a small-town experience, consider visiting Eisenach. Once a border town of East Germany, this small town is known as the birthplace of Bach and the city where Martin Luther lived during the Reformation. Be sure to visit the Wartburg Castle, where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German.

St Peter's Church in Vienna
St. Peter’s Church, Vienna


Vienna, the capitol of Austria, is known as “the city of music.” If you want to know why, visit Vienna’s Haus der Musik, or House of Music. This museum of sound features interactive exhibits showcasing the city’s rich history of sound and music that your ensemble will love.

Vienna is also the home of St. Peter’s Church, a Baroque church that can be the highlight of your performance tour. With both a stunning exterior and interior, this church is a brilliant venue for one of your ensemble’s performances in central Europe.

Salzburg is another wonderful city in Austria with interesting spots for performance tours. Known as the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg has many sites dedicated to the composer. If you’d like to branch out from music history while touring the city, visit the Dommuseum in the Salzburger Dom Cathedral to see Archbishop Wolf Dietrich’s infamous ‘Wunderkammer,’ or “Cabinet of Curiosities.” A variety of natural and man-made objects are stored in the original cabinets. Afterwards, explore the Baroque paintings and architecture of the cathedral.

Czech Republic

Strahov Monastery, Prague

Prague is a beautiful city full of surprises around every corner. In a city with rich music and scenery, sometimes it’s nice to find a quiet oasis. Near the Manes Bridge and the Rudolfinium, Wallenstein Garden is a Baroque haven that is part of the Wallenstein Palace. Take in a breathtaking view of Prague while exploring the garden’s geometric designs, pond, and elegant bronze statues. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the peacocks that roam the gardens!

Some people may not consider a trip to the library to be on their to-do list for an international performance tour, but the Theological Hall in Strahov Monastery is one of the world’s most beautiful and significant libraries. It’s home to some amazingly preserved artifacts and ceiling frescos. One of its rarest artifacts is the remains of a now-extinct dodo bird.

Central Europe is a truly special performance destination. We can promise you and your ensemble will have an especially rewarding experience traveling to these unique places.


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